YDC SERIES 20, 30 and 40KVA

YDC3300 series UPS is a three phase in and three phase out high frequency UPS with medium and large power capacity.

Benefits from the high-efficiency transformer less double conversion technology, YDC3300(10-40kVA) can achieve 96% efficiency and high PF 1.0 thereby reducing the power and cooling costs.

It is designed to provide strict voltage regulation, frequency regulation, and zero transfer time to the battery during a power failure, making it ideal for small and medium data centres and other critical business applications.


Tech Features

Wide input voltage range 138-485Vac (Phase voltage80-280Vac)
High input power factor, it can be up to 0.99
Three level inverter topologies, the efficiency can be up to 96%
Support parallel expanded operation: maximum is 6 units
Large charging current
High adaptability for load, it can connect full inductive load or capacitive load
Power Walk In function, it can reduce the start current impact to system, and reduce the capacity of generator
Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery: 10-30k(16/18/20 pcs optional), 40-80k(32/34/36/38/40 pcs optional)
LBS function can realize 2 independent UPS system work in synchronization, enhances the reliability of the system
The output factor is 1.0, can meet 100% unbalanced load
Support USB, RS485, RS232, SNMP, dry contact card
On-line double conversion and high-frequency UPS 10-100kVA
Modular-concept design, easy maintenance by replacing power modules from the front side (no need side/rear maintenances)
Compact sizes with limited foot-prints
No derating for PF≥0.7 inductive load and capacitive load
Parallel up to 6 units
Completed CB configurations for mains, bypass, maintenance and output
Fan redundancy design, speed Control
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